Meals on Wheels

Have a new baby? Would a meal or two for your family be helpful and get you "over the hump"? Meals on Wheels can help!

St. Anthony's Meals on Wheels program provides meals on a temporary basis to parishioners in need. Melinda Lampe and Maxine Scheper coordinate various volunteers to cook and deliver meals.

How can I participate?

Simply let Melinda or Maxine know that you are interested in this service and they will contact you to work out the details. They will find out:

  • Your food requirements
  • Any allergy information
  • Any special needs
  • Your address

How does this program work?

When parishioners are in need, Maxine and Melinda put a schedule together to coordinate volunteers so that everything is covered without overlap. They keep track of which volunteer goes where and when and ensures each family receives a meal.

How can I help others in the parish?

If you are interested in helping others with this service, please contact Melinda or Maxine about how you can become a volunteer. All are welcome and appreciated!