2019 Fall Fest Results

 Bankers       665.00
 Beer    1,475.00
 Big 6       190.25
 Bid N Buy    2,525.00
 Guatemalan Dinner    2,045.00
 Jumbo Poker       262.70
 Jumbo Split the Pot    4,220.00
 Kiddieland    1,821.00
 Noll Grill       752.00
 Total  13,955.95

After expenses, which includes the Jumbo Split the Pot Raffle payout of $2,110.00, we realized a profit of $9,219.00. Esther McArter was the Jumbo Split the Pot winner. Ms. Mc Arter is not a registered parishioner but often attends 10:00 a.m. Mass. Congratulations to Ms. McArter and Banker winners. Most importantly, thank you to anyone who volunteered, supported and prayed for a great evening of fun.