Why Catholic Education?

As a graduate of a Catholic elementary school, high school, and college, I feel blessed and am grateful every day for the sacrifices that my parents made to give my siblings and me a Catholic education. You may be considering right now whether Catholic education is the right choice for your family. Below I have included links to articles highlighting the clear advantages of a Catholic school education. Should you still have questions about whether St. Anthony is a good fit for you, please attend our Open House, or call the office to set up a private tour. We welcome you to join our school family! 

- Principal Veronica Schweitzer 

"The education of children and young people is such an important task in forming them as free and responsible human beings. It arms their dignity as an inalienable gift that grows from our original creation as children made in the image and likeness of God. And because education truly forms human beings, it is especially the duty and responsibility of the Church, who is called to serve mankind from the heart of God and in such a way that no other institution can."

- Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio (Pope Francis)

"To be sure, there are alternatives to a Catholic School education, but there are no subsitutes!" 

- Most Reverend Roger J. Foys, D.D.
Bishop of Covington