Staff Member: John Tarvin

John Tarvin

Seminarian in Residence
Phone: 859-431-1773

My name is John Tarvin, and I am a seminarian for the Diocese of Covington. I am originally from St. Augustine’s Parish in Augusta, and I grew up on a farm raising cattle. I went to Covington Latin School for high school, so I am very familiar with this diocese and the people in it. Having converted in my first year at Latin school, I became very interested in learning the Faith through my discussions with classmates and through serving Mass. After being invited to consider the possibility that I am called for the priesthood, I jumped in headfirst, applying for seminary right after my graduation in the spring of 2017. Three years later, in the midst of the Coronavirus outbreak, I was sent here, to St. Anthony’s Parish, and although it has taken some time to adjust, I hope that I will be able to serve this parish with all the gifts God has given me.

Photo of John Tarvin