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Unbelievable!!! Our school year has drawn to a close. Our theme, “Lord Teach Us to Pray,” has given us opportunities to learn new prayers and to learn about how prayer can help us through life. The more we talk with God in prayer, the closer we become to Him.
I pray that all of you have a safe and relaxing summer. I hope that during these next few months, God gives you and your families opportunities to see the beauty of summer and to grow closer to one another. I always loved summer when my girls were young. We spent so many fun days together just enjoying the down time. I hope that you and your families can do the same. August will be here before you know it!!

Second Trimester Effort Awards  
Second Trimester Excellence Awards

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2017-2018 PTO Raffle Winners
In case you missed any of them...
• September – Bill Schawe
• October – Carol Tully
• November – Ron & Jean Jones
• December – Ron & Jean Jones
• January – Janet Berger
• February – Jim Scheper
• March – Paul & Rita Jackson
• April – Robin Fischer
• May – Paul & Rita Jackson

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