Cafeteria Menu and Policies



If we should have a snow day or other day off school, simply skip that day on the menu and refer to the current day's menu. (In other words, we will not "move" menu items if we should miss a day of school.) 

Every attempt is made to serve the menu as posted. However, there may be periodic changes to the schedule. Any menu changes will be communicated to parents via the school newsletter or on a separate e-mail blast. If you have any questions regarding the menu, please contact the school office.


The cost of lunch is $3.00 per student per day (adults lunches are $3.50). Milk or juice for packers cost $.50 per student per day. 

This year, there is a Cafeteria fee of $25 for all families.  This money will be used to help Mrs. Fischer purchase items necessary for the beginning of the school year.  THIS IS WILL NOT BE ADDED TO YOUR CHILD’S CAFETERIA ACCOUNT. 


Funds are to be sent directly to the school.  There is no longer the ability to pay online.


We are always looking for great volunteers to assist in our cafeteria. Hours to be worked are 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Volunteers will assist with serving lunches, cleaning tables and washing dishes. Volunteering time in the cafeteria is a great way to get to know your child's friends and teachers, as well as to contribute to the running of our school. Workers may not bring small children to work in the cafeteria with them. (Children between birth and 5 years.)

Also, please remember our LUNCH ANGEL PROGRAM.  This program helps to subsidize the lunches of students who would otherwise qualify for either free or reduced lunch since our cafeteria no longer receives these government subsidies.

Please contact Mrs. Fischer or the office with any questions regarding the cafeteria worker schedule.

Under the Diocese of Covington's Protecting God's Children Misconduct Policy, all volunteer workers will need to attend the Virtus live training seminar.  This is a three hour workshop that will be offered in various locations throughout the year. Once the live training is complete, then periodic updates are conducted online.  These updates do not take long and the live training is completed only once. ALL ADULTS WHO ARE IN THE BUILDING MUST BE IN FULL COMPLIANCE WITH THIS POLICY. Training sites and dates will be listed in the Messenger or can be found on the Diocese of Covington website (click on the "Safe Environment" box.)