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As I tell students, this is the most blessed week of the entire church year: Holy Week. During this week, we will journey with Jesus through His Passion and death. Then on Easter Sunday we experience the unbelievable joy of His Resurrection! St. Anthony faculty and staff wish all of you and your families a blessed Easter and a safe and relaxing spring break!


UPDATED DIOCESAN GUIDELINES ….. The Diocese has once again updated its COVID19 Guidelines and added a new section for quarantine exemption questions and answers. Below I have highlighted the updates:
• Travel Update  There was a lot of confusion and challenges when Kentucky added every state to their travel advisory. As a result, the Diocesan task force has decided to return to previous guidance which mandates quarantines for travel to states where the positivity rate is 15% or higher ( We would still like families to communicate their trips like they have done all year to ensure the trip activities remain low risk. You may still be required to quarantine due to high-risk trip activities.
• Quarantine Exemption Questions and Answers:
1. I have already had COVID19, do I have to quarantine again if I am deemed a close contact?
If you have tested positive for COVID-19 within the last 90 days you will not have to go into quarantine as a result of being a close contact. It is important to note that while it is rare, you can still get COVID-19 during this 90-day period and beyond so you should always follow the symptom protocols regardless of a previous diagnosis.
2. If I have a positive antibody test may I be exempt from quarantine? No, the current guidance does not recognize positive antibody tests as a reason to be exempt from a close contact quarantine. You can read more information about antibody testing from the CDC here:
3. I have received the vaccine, may I be exempt from quarantine? No, at this time the guidance from the health department does not allow for an exemption to a quarantine if you have been vaccinated.
4. Our entire family has previously tested positive for COVID-19, can we avoid the school travel quarantine? At this time, the travel quarantine will apply to all students regardless of a previous COVID-19 positive test. While there may be a 90-day immunity to COVID-19, it is still possible to get and transmit the virus and travel may increase that risk. The travel quarantine ensures that families who choose higher risk activities do not impose those same risks on school families who are not choosing to take the same risks.

I thank you for your continued cooperation and honesty about your family’s activities. If you have any questions, please let me know.   


Mrs. Schweitzer

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Father Eric Andriot - pastor
Veronica Schweitzer - principal

We Love Our St. Anthony Family!

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