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From the Desk of Mrs. Schweitzer

Our theme during the month of January challenges us to live with the virtue of Blind Obedience. “Blind” means to fully trust in God’s plan for our lives even when we don’t understand it. “Obedience” means to faithfully do what is asked of you.

Our Blessed Mother lived out the virtue of Blind Obedience because from the Annunciation on, Mary always said “yes” to God. In every moment and circumstance of her life, she did as God asked. This week, our challenge to live this virtue will be to read and discuss the meaning of the Beatitudes from the gospel of Matthew chapter 5.

Our prayer this month will be: “Dear God, please help me follow your Commandments and the Beatitudes so that I can live a life that leads me to Heaven where I can be reunited with you.”

Mrs. Schweitzer

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