St. Anthony School

From the Desk of Mrs. Schweitzer

Our theme during the month of May challenges us to live with the virtue of DIVINE WISDOM.  “Divine” means proceeding from God. “Wisdom” is the first and highest gift of the Holy Spirit.

Our Blessed Mother lived out the virtue of Divine Wisdom because she was able to see the beauty of doing God’s will, not her own or the will of others. Mary put God’s will into action. This week’s challenge is to write a letter or make a card of thanks for someone who has made a difference in your life this school year.

Our prayer this month will be: “Dear God, in the excitement of summer, it is easy to forget what I have learned during this school year and to forget to pray to you. Please give me the strength and the wisdom to continue to learn over the summer and to pray to you every day. I want to be like my Mother Mary; I want to love you, love others, and live virtuously.”

Mrs. Schweitzer


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