Impersonation Scams

Parishioners have notified us that they have received emails and texts from cybercriminals pretending to be our pastor asking for a favor, money, gift cards, etc. These Scam/Phishing emails or texts attempt to extort money from those associated with our parish. The scammers are exploiting folks’ helpful natures by sending email messages pretending to be from our pastor. These emails or texts usually begin by asking the recipient if they are available to help the pastor with something important. Once the recipient replies, the sender then begins asking for help getting money, usually in the form of gift cards, then sending the gift card details back via email or text.

Carefully check any email or text message that asks for money, in any form (including gift cards, banking information, etc.). These messages should be verified by contacting the perceived “sender” directly, in person or by phone, before responding via email or text.

These scammers continue to target religious organizations and their congregants because their methods work (people send them money without asking questions). Please be cautious and don’t fall for their tricks. Please be aware of these scams and help spread the word among our community.

If you are suspicious of any email, text, call, etc. that appears to be coming from St. Anthony Parish or its pastor or staff, please know that we welcome a call to the parish office (859-431-1773) to verify if it’s actually coming from us which helps us identify and notify parishioners when our community is actively being targeted.