School uniforms are to be worn by all students (K-6) beginning August 16, 2023.

The purpose of the dress code is for several reasons. One is that it helps identify St. Anthony School as a parochial school and creates uniformity among its students. Second, the dress code allows students to focus on their academics more easily; they are less likely to concern themselves with the novelty of what others are wearing, therefore, there are less distractions. Finally, the school dress code establishes a modest form of dress that helps students learn a sense of respect for self and others. If there are any questions regarding whether a student is following dress code, this may be addressed by the administration.

The dress code will remain the same. The girls’ jumpers and skirts may be purchased at Schoolbelles. It is not necessary to purchase all uniform attire there as long as what is purchased meets dress code. The office does have many uniform items on hand, so if you would like to browse items that we have, please contact the office to set up a time to come in and visit.

It is strongly encouraged that you be sure that girls’ uniforms, skirts, skorts, and shorts are of appropriate length before the school year begins, and to make it a point to check this throughout the school year.

Schoolbelles carries specific items approved for St. Anthony's dress code - click here

Find them online: