Transportation/School Closings

Bus Service

St. Anthony School utilizes Kenton County school buses for transporting children within the Kenton County School District's boundaries. The Kenton County Garage's phone number is (859) 356-5050. 

The Garage has requested that if your children will not be riding the bus to school in the morning, to please call the garage.  This is very important since this will save the driver an unneeded trip to your street and will keep the remainder of the route on time.


If your child does not normally ride the bus, park in the gravel lot and in front of school to await your children.  They will be dismissed after the busses have left. 


Parents will be informed for the days when there will be no bus service offered by Kenton County.
Parents may drop off their children between 7:00 - 7:30 A.M.

On these days, you may park in the gravel lot and in front of school to pick up your child(ren).

If your child is riding home with another parent, please send a note to school. They will be dismissed to the location matching that driver's last name.


Thank you for cooperation in making drop-off and pick-ups safe for our children!


Inclement Weather

School closings due to inclement weather are announced over the radio and television. St. Anthony School is now officially registered with T.V. Channels 5, 9, and 12 school-closure reporting system.  We will no longer follow Kenton County closures. However, we will always take into consideration our families dependency on public transportation. When bus service is not provided, drop off and pick up locations remain the same as on no bus days. Click here to see an up-to-date status of area school closings.