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Happy Tuesday! I hope you enjoyed the three-day weekend! We continue to Love Like Jesus by trying to be BOLD. When we need strength to do the right thing and follow Jesus, we call on the Holy Spirit to give us courage. In the Bible verse this week, we see what happens to the Apostles when they are filled with the Holy Spirit: “As they prayed, the place where they were gathered shook, and they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and continued to speak the word of God with boldness.” (Acts 4: 31). With the help of the Holy Spirit, we can be BOLD and Love Like Jesus!

PTO MEETING….is TONIGHT at 7PM in the Media Center. Please join us as we plan for upcoming events!

AFTER SCHOOL SERVICE CLUB – We are excited to offer a new opportunity for our students grades 4-8, as we focus on ways to Love Like Jesus. Our first meeting will be Wednesday, October 16th from 2:30 – 3:30. At this meeting, we will be making cards for some of our parishioners and also discussing other opportunities in the community. We hope to meet on one or two Wednesdays a month, depending on the number of interested students. Possibilities in the community include a monthly outreach with the parish serving meals at Madison Christian in Covington, St. Vincent De Paul Christmas Program, Carmel Manor visits, and Be Concerned pantry help. If your student is interested in participating in this club, please contact Mrs. Bottom. This will count towards service hours for the students.

GRADE 7/8 SNACK SALE …. will be this Thursday, Oct. 17th. If you have a child in the 7 th or 8th Grade, please send in a snack or baked good to share. Also, don’t forget a raffle item! If you have a child in any grade K-6, you will want to be sure that your child has some money to purchase a yummy snack and some raffle tickets.

THURSDAY, OCT 17TH …. from 7:00-8:00 A.M. the Kentucky Parents Network will provide FREE CHICK-FIL-A BREAKFAST FOR PARENTS who stop in school to listen and learn about information regarding need-based scholarships. Unlike many states, Kentucky does not currently provide need-based scholarships for families to attend private schools, but a new program could change that! The Kentucky Parents Network is forming and would like to talk with St. Anthony families about this opportunity and how you can help. You can come and grab breakfast for yourself at any time beginning at 7:00 A.M. and spend just a few minutes hearing from the Kentucky Parents Network. You can email Rebekah Bydlak at [email protected] if you have any additional questions. I have attached a flyer to this week’s newsletter. PLEASE TAKE A MOMENT TO STOP IN. SUCH AN INITIATIVE COULD NOT ONLY MAKE A BIG DIFFERENCE IN OUR STATE, BUT IT COULD ALSO MAKE A BIG DIFFERENCE TO OUR SCHOOL.

ST. ANTHONY SPIRITWEAR - St. Anthony Spiritwear store is open with Reis Promotions until October 18th

$1 OUT OF UNIFORM DAY …. next Thursday, Oct. 24th. If your child brings in $1, he/she may be Out of Uniform on this day. All proceeds will go to support our seminarians in the Diocese.

HALLOWEENFEST - Halloween Fest is fast approaching - October 26 from 12 pm to 3 pm. We are in need of volunteers to help setup, work the different game booths and clean up. Volunteers should be VIRTUS trained. Please reach out to Shawna at [email protected] if you are able to assist. Even if it is a half hour that would be great!
Also in addition to volunteers, we are in need of baked good for the Famous Cake Walk, that all the kids love. These baked goods can be anything from entire cakes, to a batch of cookies or brownies, pies or even Little Debbie snack cakes. Baked goods will need to be dropped off to Fleming Hall between 10 and 12 on October 26. We are also in the middle of finalizing the details on our major raffle for this year.
We hope to have the raffle tickets out to all students to pre-sell beginning next week. More details to come on this.
New this year: Halloween Costume Event take a picture of your child and/or siblings. Submit your picture to Shawna Lankheit via Faith Lankheit at school by October 25. The day of the event, pictures will be on displayed for voting to occur. Prizes will be awarded for Cutest, Scariest and Most Unique. Please write on the back of the picture the category they are being entered in.

2019-2020 YEARBOOKS - Planning for the 2019-2020 St. Anthony School yearbook is underway! Help us capture great memories of the school year. If you have good pictures from school events, please send them to [email protected] in high resolution if possible to ensure the best quality. Put the name of the event in the title to help with organizing. If photos are sent throughout the school year, we will not be scrambling for them at the end of the year!! Thanks in advance!

VIRTUS is the brand name that identifies best practice programs designed to help prevent wrongdoing and promote "rightdoing" within religious organizations. The VIRTUS programs empower organizations and people to better control risk and improve the lives of all those who interact with the Church. “Protecting God's Children® for Adults” is training conducted by VIRTUS® certified facilitators on the prevention of child sexual abuse. The training makes participants aware of the signs of child sexual abuse, the methods and means by which offenders commit abuse, and five easy steps one can use to prevent child sexual abuse. The importance of the National Charter “Protecting God’s Children” program was again highly emphasized at our opening diocesan principal’s meeting. Simply stated – all adults who enter the school building or are around school children in any capacity, must be in full compliance with the charter. This requires completed paperwork on file with the Diocese, attendance at a one-time Virtus Live Training session and maintenance of monthly online bulletins. More information can be found at
In summary, ALL ADULTS who would like to be involved with our school children must be Virtus certified and in compliance with the National Charter, “Protecting God’s Children” program. This means that all volunteers are required to be VIRTUS trained -- this includes classroom volunteers, field trip sponsors, room mothers, cafeteria workers, coaches, and substitutes, etc. New parents wishing to be VIRTUS trained should register online at If you are transferring from another parochial school, please make sure you add St. Anthony School to your VIRTUS account. If you already have an account with VIRTUS and it has been suspended or if you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Bottom.

St. Anthony School is part of the Kroger Community Rewards Program. Kroger Community Rewards Program involves using your Kroger Plus Card (or your phone #). Every time they scan your card or you enter your number at the register, a percentage of your sale is mailed to St. Anthony quarterly. To select St. Anthony, you must register St. Anthony to your Kroger Plus Card online at If you have any questions, please contact the school office at 859-431- 5987. Thanks for your support!

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