EdChoice Kentucky

Dear Parents,

I am writing today with details about Kentucky’s new Education Opportunity Account (“EOA”) program. Once fully implemented, this program will put over $20 million into the hands of parents to help cover the cost of their children’s education, including school tuition.

In order to participate, families must meet income requirements and, at this time, tuition assistance is only covered in Kentucky’s largest counties (other costs such as textbooks, technology, and uniform can be covered statewide). Legislation has been filed to expand the tuition assistance statewide and to increase income eligibility limits.

Unfortunately, the EOA program is currently on hold due to a lawsuit, but all legal challenges to similar programs have been defeated. That being said, leaders of EdChoice Kentucky anticipate the same result in Kentucky very soon. Once litigation is over, there may only be a very short window for parents to apply for the program. For this reason, EdChoice Kentucky launched www.educateky.com for parents to learn about the program and to sign up to be alerted when the program begins accepting applications. If you sign up for the email list, you will also be alerted when the program is expanded, although you may not currently be eligible based on income or county of residence.

Please reach out to info@edchoiceky.com if you have any questions about this program.

Mrs. Schweitzer

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