St. Anthony School Spotlight

Lisa Faulhaber

(Kindergarten Teacher)

All we really need to learn we learn in Kindergarten! While that is not entirely true, I love teaching this energetic, inquisitive and happy age group so much that I have been teaching Kindergarten for over 30 years! I am a graduate of Bishop Brossart High School and Thomas More College. After graduation, I accepted the exciting opportunity to begin the Kindergarten program here at St. Anthony in August 1989! Through the years, I have been extremely blessed to work with the children and so many incredible supportive families! My husband, John, and I have been married for 33 years. We are parishioners of St. Joseph Church in Camp Springs. Our two children, Jeremy and Joann, attended St. Anthony School. Joann graduated last year and is now a freshman at Holy Cross High School. Jeremy graduated 4 years ago and is now a freshman at the University of Louisville. Time flies when we are having fun! I look forward to many fun years ahead with the best community and the greatest school in the country!!